Early Exit Mania!

Posted: Feb 12, 2008 6:26 PM
Weather's very bad in Virginia this evening, so they may be keeping polls open longer than usual. Keep voting if you haven't yet, and be careful driving.

Huckabee's giving McCain a run for his money in Virginia, and beating him with conservatives. We shall see what the outcome is. Geraghty says:

In Virginia, the second wave of data shows an extremely close race, less than a percentage point between McCain and Huckabee.

But I warn you, at this point, or even a little later a week ago, the data was saying McCain and Romney were tied in Arizona, and McCain won comfortably.
McCain's waaaay up in Maryland.

More of the demographic details, here.

The Virginia polls closed on time. Wonder how the weather will affect the outcome. It has been really bad this afternoon and evening, and Virginians can't drive in ice.