Global Warming Mania!

Posted: Jan 30, 2008 8:35 PM
Johnny Mac employs his famous political ear of tin and goes on a 5-minute soliloquy on global warming. He only hit the issue of "energy independence," which is a more palatable way to talk about it to conservatives, once and he talked about the earth we leave for our children and the environment and his disagreement with Bush for the rest of the time. If he wants to work on reaching independents, he should wait until after he's won enough conservatives to win Super Tuesday instead of talking in a way specifically designed to tick them off. But, you know, he's John McCain.

Mitt Romney is exactly right on letting states take the lead on global warming and emissions standards if they want to tighten them, but he does the work McCain wouldn't do by pointing out that those actions have consequences in higher costs and lost jobs. When he talks these issues, he is smart and right.

Mike Huckabee manages to state Romney's point in a more lyrical way, even saying other states would love to take the jobs Gov. Schwarzenegger might lose by imposing such standards on California. Funny and true.