Hillary Shocks With Her Super Tears of Victory!

Posted: Jan 09, 2008 12:41 PM
So, I'm hearing in New Hampshire today, anecdotally, that the crying helped. That just floors me.

One woman who works at my hotel, whom I've chatted with every morning, said she voted for Clinton. I asked why she thought Obama didn't pull it off. She said she thought the crying made an impact and showed that Clinton's "really out there fighting for us." She didn't vote for Obama because she's "old enough to be his mother."

I heard from another person whose wife is NOT a Clinton fan that the crying episode was the first time she felt any sympathy for Clinton. I can't believe people actually bought that, but there you go. Crying now wins elections?

Hillary has reportedly admitted that the crying helped, and polls show she grabbed the women's vote back from Obama this time. What a night. I'm glad she won because I think Obama's more dangerous in a general, but I admit a part of me was looking forward to seeing the Clintons' heads explode on the podium last night.

I'm in transit and kind of making myself carsick by writing, so I'm gonna knock off until I get to my destination.