Low-Income Blacks: Who's Looking Out for Them?

Posted: May 31, 2007 10:06 AM

Who else but Congressional Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus?

Well, not so much. La Shawn Barber talks about the rewards the black community is reaping for its fealty to Democrats:

Swain cites statistics that show the national unemployment rate was 4.5 percent inApril 2007. For Hispanics, it was 5.4 percent. For blacks, 8.2 percent.For black men, the rate of unemployment was 9.7 percent.

Swain accused the race-centric, taxpayer-supported caucus of turning a blind eye on a mounting pile of data that reveals illegal immigration is harming low-income, low-skilled black Americans. In anew book of essays, Debating Immigration, Swain contends that lax enforcement of immigration law helps businesses hirewage-suppressing illegal aliens at the expense of citizens.

But the CBC couldn’t care less. The group hasn’t listed immigration reform as a legislative priority, according to Swain, andit mentioned illegal immigration in only one press release out of closeto 100 on the web site. Instead of focusing on the well-being of constituents, the CBC is forming a black-brown coalition with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to “create a task force to study immigration issues and provide information about the impact of immigration reform on the black and Hispanic communities,” according to The Hill.