Biden on Black People: He's Been Thinking They're Helpless For So Long, He Couldn't Help Himself

Posted: Feb 05, 2007 11:28 AM

If I ever forget to link something you write, please remind me. Don't get mad. It could just be that I forgot. You know how I know that's a possibility? Because I forgot to link my own column on Friday. Several readers who know me in real life are shaking their heads at me right now.

So, I tackled the Biden situation, mano-a-womano at ABC News on Friday with Steve Clemons of the Huffington Post, who seems to thinks racist statements aren't really that big a deal as long as Democrats say them. Geez, why's everyone getting so cranky, he wonders. He can't for the life of him remember a time when the Left has ever hyperventilated to the point of silliness over a toss-away, possibly racially offensive sentence for which the candidate later apologized...macacaCOUGHmacaca.

Well, I don't think Biden's a racist, per se, but he does have a bit of a pattern of insensitivity and racial dumbness (technical term). What I do think is that Biden, along with many other liberals, has a political philosophy and existence dependent upon misunderestimating and infantilizing minority voters. The misunderestimation then naturally extends to political colleagues as well:

When it comes to race, liberal policy and attitudes are stuck in a very antiquated, condescending pattern. Minorities must be helpless victims in order to need extensive help from liberals, so liberals spend time finding ways in which minorities can be constantly portrayed as helpless victims in order to justify inefficient social programs that create more victims than they help, which in turn ensures more Democrats are re-elected. After a while, liberals can forget minorities aren't helpless, as they've been making them out to be.

Is it any wonder that they're surprised by the good hygiene of their latest African-American star?