Tim Johnson in Critical Condition (Updated With 'The View's' Conspiracy Theories)

Posted: Dec 14, 2006 9:25 AM

Continue to keep him in your prayers.

He had emergency brain surgery last night, which was said to be "successful," but his condition remains uncertain. So sad, especially for a man so young. He's only 59.

Update: And, if you're wondering what tacky, tasteless, blatant political speculation in such a situation looks like, read this and remember. The political implications of this are a news story, whether we like it or not, but let's thank goodness we're not like the Strom-Watch guys.

Update: What are these chicks thinking? "Was the stroke man-made?" Ha ha, real funny, Joy.

Also, Rosie has apologized for offending Asians with her "ching-chong" impression, but not without promising a repeat performance. I think she should apologize to Kelly Ripa, too.