'Cold Cash' Jefferson's Race Heats Up

Posted: Dec 04, 2006 9:37 AM

He's facing a run-off on Dec. 9:

In the Nov. 7 open multiparty primary, the Democratic congressman netted 30 percent of the vote, considered a poor showing for an incumbent.

In Saturday's runoff, Jefferson faces a stiff challenge from state Rep. Karen Carter, a Democrat and well-financed and energetic lawyer hoping to become the first black female from Louisiana to ever hold a seat in Congress. The runoff is one of the nation's last unresolved elections.

Carter, 37, who picked up 22 percent of the vote in the primary, has outpaced Jefferson handily in fundraising but she's had a harder time convincing the political establishment of her worthiness.

Gee, what could it be that makes her worthy? Perhaps the fact that no one's ever found 90K in bribes stuffed in her freezer? I'd think that would pretty much do it, but neither Louisiana nor the Democratic Party has ever been famed for purging corruption, so that may spell victory for Jefferson.

If so, good news in the short run for Congressional Republicans, but bad news for the country in general.

Carter is, not surprisingly, focusing on Jefferson's frozen cash, involvement in a bribery investigation, and several alleged videotapes of the Congressman caught taking bribes from undercover FBI officers.

Jefferson:"I have never taken a bribe."

Well, he does have such an honest face.

Jefferson outpaced Carter in the general election, 30-22 percent.