Rightroots-- The Final Push!

Posted: Oct 13, 2006 12:05 PM

Hey, guys. I'm sorry I've been off the blog too much this week. Things should be getting back to normal, now. I just had to do a lot of running around this week.

This week is the last week to give to our fundraising effort for Republican House and Senate candidates-- Rightroots!

If you haven't already, I encourage you to think about throwing some money in this cycle. I know my readers are involved folks, and I know you want to make a difference, so go ahead and do it!

We have a ton of candidates on our list, and I know you'll find one or two you want to help out. What about Diana Irey in Pennsylvania, who's taking on Jack Murtha? What about Michael Steele in Maryland, who's trying to turn a blue state red? Or, Mike Bouchard in Michigan or Tom Kean in New Jersey, who are both trying to do the same?

These guys need you. It's October. It's not the time to bail. It's the time to rev up in the face of a possible Speaker Pelosi. Any contribution you can give this week would be much, much appreciated. And, thank you for all you've done so far. You guys have really made Rightroots a success, and I love ya for it.

The candidates love ya even more than I do.

Go give!