Mad About Dem Censorship Try? Do Something About It.

Posted: Sep 08, 2006 3:52 PM

Graphic via Seixon

So, this whole Dem censorship thing has got me riled.

Wanna do something about it?

WhereAreMyKeys and Confederate Yankee suggest getting in touch with ABC.

I noticed this morning that Debbie Stabenow was on the letter sent by Dems to ABC, so I thought I'd throw in for Mike Bouchard, her opponent for Senate in Michigan, who some are saying could pull off the upset.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: What are you watching out there in terms of what might be a fun race to watch in terms of an upset…
* * *
CHUCK TODD: I's Michigan, I think Michigan that would be my Republican upset. . .
MATTHEWS: Governor beats. . .
TODD: . . .Not the governor, but Stabenow. Beat Stabenow get an upset. That that would be a big upset. She’s…
MATHEWS: Because the economy out there?
TODD: The economy, Michigan’s sort of an upside down state. If this is a change election, and they want change, Michigan is a state that - that needs change.

Then, I noticed New Jersey Senate candidate Tom Keane is catching flack today because his father, a former N.J. governor advised on "Path to 9/11."

So, I ponied up for him, too.

Update: Ace points out that the N.J. race is looking more and more like a pick-up due to some good, old-fashioned, Garden State corruption.

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