Sept. 10, 2001

Posted: Sep 05, 2006 7:58 AM

Do you remember how you felt back then? Before Sept. 11?

After the planes hit the towers and the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania, I saved the morning paper from Sept. 11. It had no mention of the attacks, as deadline was eight hours before the planes hit. I remember thinking that the world had just changed forever, and I should preserve that little slice of innocence from a time before we knew what was after us and how much it wanted to kill us.

CNN has preserved something similar-- its Sept. 11 morning broadcast. They're airing it starting at 8:30 a.m. this Sept. 11-- all the surprise, the bewilderment, the innocent theories about misguided small planes, and the horror of realization.

I will be watching it. So will Lorie Byrd, and she has a superb column explaining exactly why. Go read it, and decide what you will be watching.

Update: Learn all about Lorie in The Real Ugly American's interview with her. She's a good friend of mine, a great writer, fabulous blogger, and a mom and wife on top of it all. Learn how she does it (hint:it doesn't involve much sleep!). I make a cameo in the interview too, if you can find it (thanks for the mention, Lorie!). My favorite part:

TUA: So here is an even tougher one. Who is going to be the Democratic and Republican nominees in 2008 and who is going to win the presidency.

LB: Shhewwww. I don’t think it will be Kerry or Gore. You know Hillary seemed like such a sure thing but I don’t know anymore. Her stands on Iraq are not popular with the extreme left wing of her party and it seems like that wing is getting more and more power so I’m not so sure she is going to be the nominee or not. I think Barak Obama has a great chance at being on that ticket, and John Edwards He is from here in North Carolina, actually he was born in South Carolina but he has lived here since he was a baby. He has been running ever since the last election.
Why are we friends? Because Lorie and I are the only two bloggers who'd get quoted saying, "shhewww" in an interview. I love it.