Senate Reverses, Votes to Fund Border Fence

Posted: Aug 03, 2006 1:12 PM
Kim at Wizbang! reports that the Senate voted yesterday to fund a border fence after first refusing to do so.

The Sundries Shack comments:

Whether any of us like it or not, a wall is the very minimum level of security we can put at the border. Building more wall, and making the wall we have stronger and more effective only gives us a more secure border.

Whether we want to concentrate on border security as opposed to some flavor of an amnesty/guest worker program to help solve the immigration problem we have is another issue altogether.

At least our Senators flopped in the right direction on this vote. They have quite a few more votes on the whole immigration matter and I’d expect that we see more mackerel imitations from our august legislators as they split the difference between security and pandering.

PowerLine offers some political insight for Congress:

This episode shows, I think, two things: one, how committed most of the political establishment is to "comprehensive immigration reform" that doesn't necessarily involve much in the way of border enforcement; and, two, how committed the American people are to an "enforcement first" approach to immigration reform.
Hawkins says this means momentum, and not for the "open borders" crowd.

Common Sense America reckons the 66 vote-changers heard, loud and clear, from the American people.