Dangerous Dems

Posted: Jun 07, 2006 7:24 AM

John Hawkins has a list of the Top 10, and former Va. Governor Mark Warner takes the top spot.

1) Mark Warner: Warner is easily the best candidate the Dems have to offer. The former Virginia governor has a reputation as a moderate and he "speaks Southern." He would likely take Virginia against any GOP candidate other than George Allen and he could easily bring 3-4 other Southern States into the Democratic column. It's no coincidence that the last two Democratic Presidents have been Southern governors and Warner would have an excellent chance to be the third.

Another interesting point about Warner: when I was at the Personal Democracy Forum, I heard Markos call Warner the most net-savvy, blog-smart, wired candidate of the '08 Dem aspirants. That, combined with the Southern/moderate speak? Not a bad combo for the Dems.

On a personal note, I'll work day and night to make sure he doesn't take Virginia. Not after that record-breaking tax hike that came three months after I moved to Virgina, while he was sitting on a $544 million surplus and fibbing about it.

No sir, Warner. You are not forgiven for that. I wonder how many other Virginians feel like I do about that.

Warner speaks about the Hillary candidacy:

"I have tremendous respect for Sen. Clinton," Warner told NY1's "Inside City Hall" during a string of appearances he made around New York yesterday.

"I think she's a great senator and should she choose to run for national office, she'll be a formidable candidate," he added.