I'm Super-Serial About This!

Posted: May 24, 2006 2:11 PM

Before you rush out and see "An Inconvenient Truth," make sure you learn about the single biggest threat to our planet.

I'm gonna give you two YouTube links.

One, short one with no bad language. (My apologies. A reader e-mailed to tell me I had accidentally linked the same video in both links. Unfortunately, it was the one with dirty language, so I'm sorry if I steered you wrong. It's fixed now.)

The other is a bit longer, but contains some salty language.

One of many reasons I love "Southpark." This whole episode was hilarious, particularly the fact that the boys decide to help Al Gore because they "don't know if he has any friends."

UPDATE: Pat Hynes has another video for you-- "Al Gore's Penguin Army." (Silly me, I forgot the link. Fixed now.)

And, Lorie chronicles Katie Couric's fawning over Gore.

Betsy points to some inconvenient inaccuracies in Gore's movie.