American Idol: The N.C. Update

Posted: Mar 23, 2006 12:34 PM

My boy Bucky Covington made it into the top 10 last night just by the skin of his teeth. He was in the bottom three, as he has been for several weeks, but he keeps squeaking by. I've talked about my sentimental attachment to Bucky before on the blog.

I was talking to a friend in Rockingham (Bucky's hometown) the other night. I asked him how he felt about Bucky's run for the Idol title. "I never liked that kid," he said, to my surprise. Apparently there was a minor fracas and some fisticuffs over a girl circa 1996.

So, I know a guy who once punched an American Idol. How's that for a redneck celebrity connection?

I'm not sure Bucky can survive another week in the bottom three, but while he's still in it, I'm proud to announce that a whopping 30 percent of American Idol's top 10 is from my home state of North Carolina.

It seems to me that Chris Daughtry (McLeansville, N.C.) should come out of this thing the winner. His version of "Walk the Line" this week was pretty amazing. But I wonder if all the N.C. contestants suffer from the state's votes being split three ways. If this were politics, someone might ask Kellie Pickler and Bucky to step aside for the good of the state.

Luckily, it's not politics, so good luck to all three. For more regular American Idol blogging, check in with Ann Althouse and Sarah K (who really, really doesn't like Kellie Pickler).

UPDATE: The Internet does everything, including predicting the bottom three American Idol contestants perfectly this week. Dial Idol predicts results by having users tally the busy signals they received for each contestant. H/t Kevin.