Newt Marches On

Posted: Mar 28, 2012 10:16 PM

Campaigning in DC this week, Speaker Gingrich made a stop at Georgetown University to speak to students.

The GOP Presidential contender, who has currently only won two states, centered his speech today around the two principles that motivated him to run for president: values and innovation. Although the title of the event was "Giving Young Americans the Right to Choose a Personal Social Security Account," former Speaker Gingrich touched on a plethora of other topics.

His remarks began with a criticism of the courts, stating that they have become “engines of secularism.”

Continuing on to NASA, Speaker Gingrich contemplated the purpose of the agency. Pointing out the discrepancy between the billions of dollars the agency receives and its capabilities, he asked, “What exactly do they do besides sit around and think space thoughts?”

Unemployment was another point in his speech, although not a major one. He reiterated the need for job training in order to collect unemployment insurance, saying that, “99 weeks is long enough to get an Associate’s Degree.”

Speaker Gingrich covered a great deal in his remarks- from Kitty Hawk and Soviet Poland’s lack of religion to brain science, Lean Six Sigma, and, eventually, his plan for personal social security accounts. However, rather than coming across as a characteristic Gingrich speech that is all over the map, those listening got a real sense of what the former Speaker believes this country needs and how he would get us there.

It all came back to what his two motivating factors of values and innovation. Saying, “We are a country that only makes sense because we are religious,” Gingrich showed his disdain for the secularization of our courts and our society in general. Explaining the Wright brothers’ attempts at flight, he said that kind of innovation could not happen today because we no longer have the “culture of an active America where citizens got up and thought ‘I’m going to do something.’” Gingrich desires to change that and has a vision for a fundamentally different America.

Newt Gingrich is definitely not dropping out anytime soon. His remarks today demonstrated that he is still firmly committed to the principles that made him enter the race in the first place and he is not going to give up.