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Kennedy Apologized to His Family for This Super Bowl Ad. Here's Why.

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. issued an apology to his family late Sunday evening after a Super PAC supporting his campaign ran an ad during the Super Bowl similar to one used by his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy.


The 30-second spot is nearly identical to an ad JFK ran in 1960, but uses photos of the independent candidate instead, which prompted backlash from Kennedy’s cousins. 

Kennedy’s cousin Bobby Shriver—son of the former president’s sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver—strongly criticized the advert for using their uncle’s and his mother’s face, adding: “She would be appalled by his deadly health care views.”

Former Maryland lawmaker and Shriver’s brother Mark Kennedy Shriver also chimed in, saying: “I agree with my brother Bobby Shriver, simple as that.” (Forbes)


In a message posted on his account and copied as a reply to his cousin, Kennedy, who pinned the ad to the top of his X page, apologized and said he was not involved in its creation. 

"I'm so sorry if the Super Bowl advertisement caused anyone in my family pain. The ad was created and aired by the American Values Super PAC without any involvement or approval from my campaign. FEC rules prohibit Super PACs from consulting with me or my staff. I love you all. God bless you."

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