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Courtesy of Marissa Forte

Sen. Ted Cruz blasted the Biden administration’s proposed $6.8 trillion budget for the 2024 fiscal year, claiming it shows who’s really in charge at the White House.


“The sad truth: The socialists are in charge of the White House,” he tweeted, referencing comments he made in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “Joe Biden certainly isn’t.”

On “Hannity,” the Texas Republican said the people Biden has surrounded himself with “have a very simple approach to everything, they want to spend money they don’t have, they want to raise taxes on you."

He said Biden’s budget plan would “create a $50 trillion dollar national debt” and White House officials are unconcerned with that because they believe they “can just keep printing money and unleashing inflation and borrowing money from China.”

Cruz also said the priorities in the proposal are “really extreme and really dangerous,” pointing to the bill’s emphasis on climate, environmental justice, and transgender rights over serious issues like addressing the fentanyl crisis and providing funds to secure the southern border.

Cruz argued it’s not a serious budget but a “political document” that has “0.0 percent” chance of becoming law given GOP control of the House. 

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