Haley: I Haven't Had a Single Country Complain About Trump's Tweets

Posted: Aug 08, 2017 12:45 PM

While plenty of pundits and politicians are quick to criticize President Trump for his use of Twitter, Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations, said other countries have not voiced any complaints to her about the president’s social media habits.

When asked by CNN’s Ana Cabrera whether anyone has criticized the commander in chief’s “Twitter diplomacy” Haley said no.

“I have not had one country complain to me about the president’s tweets,” she answered. “He is going to do it. This is a president who communicates through Twitter as much as he communicates through everything else. The countries pay attention to what he says, never have they complained because they know where he stands and what he stands for. So, no complaints from the United Nations or from any of the member states on the president’s tweets."

The president often takes to Twitter to comment about the United States’ relations with other countries, including recently Russia and China. 

“Our relationship with Russia is at an all-time & very dangerous low. You can thank Congress, the same people that can't even give us HCare!” he wrote last week after the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed new sanctions on Russia.

Last month, he was also critical of China for not having a great impact on reining in North Korea’s weapons programs.

“I am very disappointed in China. Our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade, yet they do NOTHING for us with North Korea, just talk,” he said. “We will no longer allow this to continue. China could easily solve this problem!”