Krauthammer on Redacted Transcripts: Obama Admin Is 'Fanatical' in Covering Up Connection to Islam

Posted: Jun 21, 2016 8:30 AM

Speaking about the redacted transcripts of the 911 call with the Orlando Shooter, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said the Obama administration is being ‘fanatical’ in its attempt to hide any links between the massacre and Islam.

Fox News’ Shannon Bream pointed out on "Special Report" Monday night, however, that the White House came out and said it had nothing to do with the decision to either redact or unredact the transcripts.

“They may not have issued the order but everybody understands under President Obama you are not to make any reference that could possibly indict Islam or radical Islamism in a mass murder,” he said.

He went on to note the redactions were “ridiculous”—agreeing with Bream who said, “just about any of us could figure out what the missing words were.”

“What exactly are they accomplishing pretending [the redacted words] weren’t said?” Krauthammer asked. “It exposes the administration as fanatical in trying to cover up any connection with Islam. The guy goes in there and says I’m doing this as a soldier of Allah in the name of Baghdadi and essentially declaring his allegiance and you are going to pretend it is something else and has to do with guns or has to do with homophobia? It’s not going to work.”

He also drew a connection to the State Department scrubbing a portion of its official record dealing with the Iran deal negotiations.

“The other thing is, put this in the context of the eight minutes or 10 minutes of the State Department record of the Rosen inquiry having to do with lying in the name of protecting the negotiations,” he continued, “you have got an administration that has no respect for historical record for actual events. That’s a larger issue and that’s disturbing."

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