Secretary Kerry?

Posted: Dec 15, 2012 1:05 PM

According to Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed’s source, President Obama has chosen Massachusetts Senator John Kerry to replace Hillary Clinton now that Susan Rice removed herself from the list of candidates. The details:

The White House has not confirmed the selection.

It is widely known that Kerry was interested in the job, and the former presidential nominee emerged as the clear favorite after another contender, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, withdrew from consideration last week. […]

Kerry, who is rumored to be Clinton's choice to follow her to the State Department, is widely respected on the international stage and currently chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

His spot on the prestigious committee will be filled by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), according to the Sun-Times.

Side note: Just who is Sen. Menendez? See what Katie Pavlich had to say about him in her recent post, “Senator's Office Gone Wild: Sex Offenders, Hookers and Homeland Security.”

The good news for Republicans is that if the White House confirms Kerry as the pick, all eyes will be drawn to his empty seat in Massachusetts...and the possibility of Scott Brown running in a special election -- and winning

“It would seem that some Democratic strategists are concerned about such an appointment because of the special election that would take place to replace him,” Duffy said. “They are worried that Scott Brown would run – and win. The President usually has ignored such political concerns and may do so again, especially since Democrats have 55 seats so the majority is not in danger.”

West echoed these concerns, adding “In terms of the Senate, his [Kerry's] appointment would create a real opening for a Scott Brown comeback. Brown has the name identification and fundraising network that would make him a very strong contender for the position. I see this as a competitive race.”

Brown has said many times before, including in his recent farewell speech on the Seante floor, defeat is only temporary.