Navy SEAL Could Face ‘Criminal Prosecution’ for Book about OBL Raid

Posted: Aug 24, 2012 6:25 PM

There’s a new book coming out and it’s causing quite a kerfuffle in the military community. “No Easy Day,” written by Navy SEAL Team 6 member Mark Owen (pen name) and author Kevin Maurer, whose previous books covered Special Operations, reveals a first-hand account of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. In the book Owen writes, "it is time to set the record straight about one of the most important missions in U.S. military history."

The problem? The book wasn’t vetted by the Pentagon or CIA, leaving many concerned with whether the information released is classified and could “compromise future missions,” other SEALs and even the author himself, whose identity was revealed by Fox News. According to Adm. Bill McRaven, the author could even be prosecuted:

“We will pursue every option available to hold members accountable, including criminal prosecution where appropriate,” the four-star commander wrote, in an open, unclassified letter emailed to the active-duty special operations community Thursday, and obtained by The Associated Press.

Fellow SEALs aren’t too happy with him either. In an anonymous Op-Ed for The Blaze, a fellow SEAL writes, “Mark, the men who stood next to you should have been everything you needed. Now we weep from your betrayal and we pray for your soul.” Why?

As twisted as it may seem to some Americans, there needs to exist a group of people who will say nothing more than “yes sir” when it comes to the defense of our most sacred ideas.  This level of commitment to the ideals is what holds the country together. It’s modern day seppuku.

At a time when the country needed something, anything, we killed bin Laden. America won. Good triumphed over evil. Bin Laden was unanimously agreed upon as one of the most evil human beings to ever walk the earth, and his demise was celebrated like the U.S. Hockey team winning the gold in the 1980 winter Olympics. The night the president announced that bin Laden had been killed, America was a nation again — for a day or two.

When President Obama met the team who killed OBL he didn’t dare ask who pulled the trigger, and if he had, they wouldn’t have said a word. The operators were all given the same award for that mission. That’s the way it was supposed to be. You ask for nothing and you are prepared to give everything. Anyone who serves should expect nothing. We are all going to be wronged and failed by the system. It’s government bureaucracy, that‘s what it’s designed to do; fail. That’s part of the relationship. The moment you believe you’re entitled to anything other than opportunity, you’ve compromised the founding principles of this country. You should be proud to have had the opportunity to have served her, especially if you served at a time of war, and especially if were granted the opportunity to possibly die in her defense. Your reward will not come while you walk the earth.


Update from Breitbart

The Middle East Media Research Institute is reporting that certain posts on and went beyond merely mentioning "Mark Owens," and have actually published photos of him and called for his death. Others have called not simply called for his death, but for him to be made a "living example" in a "dark day."

In other posts, the U.S. is ridiculed, and accused of "cowardliness and fear" for concealing the identify of our SEAL team members. (No mention was made of why the majority of Islamists who behead Westerners do so with their identities concealed.)