Allen West Exit Interview: "Lincoln Only Served One Term"

Posted: Dec 02, 2012 8:59 AM
In a wide-ranging and sometimes contentious interview with Michel Martin of NPR, GOP Congressman Allen West discussed his time in Congress, his adverse relationship with the media, and his tough re-election defeat. He also dropped a surprising analogy at the end of the interview that may portend a future run for higher office.

Most of the interview is a must-read, but West's exposition of his difficult re-election campaign is of particular interest:

I'm saying when you sit up and call a 22-year veteran - look. My father served in World War II, my brother in Vietnam. My nephew currently serves. And you're going to call me a war criminal? I don't think that's a proper thing to bring up. And I don't think that that was part of, you know, what should've been the fair, open, and honest debate about issues and political discourse.

Well, there was also a credo SuperPAC that came down from San Francisco, and this is what some of the people that were out walking neighborhoods, these people were spreading rumors that I beat my wife.

West was also asked who the Congressmen he would miss most were - and provided some surprising answers.

Look, I have always said Peter Welch and Dennis Kucinich were great guys. You know, Dennis Kucinich and I came together on the whole Libya thing. Corrine Scott Brown - when we wanted to have the congressional medal recognition for the Montford Point Marines, the first African-American Marines, I mean, we worked together on that and we brought it to closure and the commandant was very happy about what we were able to do to get all those signatures.

And then, finally, he was asked about what comes next for Allen West.

Look, you know, God closes a door so that he can open up greater doors. I will continue to, you know, stand up and fight for this country. That's my goal. I have two daughters, 19 and 16, and I want to make sure that they grow up in a great America that provides them all the opportunities that it provided to their mother and father.

And always remember, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too.