VT Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate: 'Who Wants To Raise Taxes?'

Posted: Aug 16, 2018 3:30 PM
VT Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate: 'Who Wants To Raise Taxes?'

Christine Hallquist, is the Democratic gubernatorial candidate running against Governor Scott. She is also the first transgender major-party nominee in a gubernatorial race. 

“Certainly Vermonters are very upset with his divisive leadership in the state,” said Hallquist on MSNBC on Wednesday with Ali Velshi to discuss the nomination. 

“I’m going to lead by hope and aspiration, said Hallquist accusing Governor Scott of leading “by fear and division.”  

“His popularity has decreased recently,” said Velshi. Hallquist confirmed, “A few months ago he was the third most poplar governor, now he’s the 13thmost unpopular.”

Governor Scott has said that if she is elected Hallquist would raise taxes, according to a report by the  Washington Free Beacon. 

"I never said I was going to raise anybody's taxes. Who wants to raise taxes? That's just not something that anyone would want to do, so that's clearly the tactic is to divide Vermonters and drive in fear," Hallquist said. 

Despite Hallquist's claims that “nobody wants to raise taxes”  the Democratic Party has called for a repeal of the last year’s tax overhaul in Congress.