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Biden Trades the Beach for Spin Class and Pilates

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

After spending weeks at the beach in Delaware, with a very brief hop over to Maui for a visit to fire devastation and a nap, President Joe Biden is back on vacation in Lake Tahoe. What is he doing? He's traded in an umbrella in the sand for spin class and pilates. 


"'The President, First Lady, and members of their family are taking a Pilates class followed by a spin class,''" the White House pool report states. "As pool has been standing nearby outside, we spotted several other family members, including granddaughters Maisy and Naomi, and her husband Peter Neal. At one point, Hunter Biden’s young son, Beau, ran along the sidewalk and into the fitness studio."

He's also enjoying a smoothie. 

"We have what is hopefully the last update on what the president was holding when he emerged from his Pilates and spin classes: The WH says that he had a banana blueberry smoothie," another White House pool report states. 

Biden was asked about whether he plans to watch the Republican primary debate Wednesday night, to which he responded, "I’m going to try to see — get as much as I can, yes.” He also commented on the death of Putin opponent and recent coup leader Yevgeny Prigozin, who was reported as killed in a plane crash Wednesday afternoon. 


"I don’t know for a fact what happened but I’m not surprised," Biden said. "There’s not much that happens in Russia that Putins not behind. But I don’t know enough to know the answer. I’ve been working out for the last hour and a half."

After the activities a lid, otherwise known as the end of the day for Biden, was called at 12:33 p.m. local time. He's staying at a mansion that belongs to climate activist and billionaire Tom Steyer for the week. 

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