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Act of Extortion: Mike Lee Unloads on Omnibus Bill

Republican Senator Mike Lee took to the Senate floor late Tuesday night and unloaded on the current 4,155 page, $1.7 trillion omnibus bill as "extortion" and "legislative barbarism." 


"Opposing this legislation isn't radical. Running our government this way, is, and it's indefensible," Lee said. "This act, this bill before us, is an act of legislative barbarism. This is an act of extortion being leveraged on the United States Senate right before Christmas. Make no mistake why this happened. This bill in all 4,155 pages of its glory, or infamy, was negotiated in secret by four or five members of Congress, excluding all others, which means that nearly 330 million Americans were disenfranchised in the production of this legislative bohemoth. They wrote it utterly in secret with the design of creating an artificial emergency. Threatening a shut down right before Christmas."  

Republican Senator Rand Paul, who predicted the Senate would be in this position weeks ago, is also weighing in. 


Meanwhile, conservative House members are blasting fellow Republicans for going along with the spending. 

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