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Another Triple Vaccinated Biden Official Comes Down with COVID

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

The Department of Justice announced Wednesday afternoon Attorney General Merrick Garland has tested positive for Wuhan coronavirus. He is fully vaccinated and boosted. 


"Attorney General Garland this afternoon tested positive for COVID-19 through antigen tests. He asked to be tested after learning that he may have been exposed to the virus. At the time, he is not experiencing symptoms. The Attorney General is fully vaccinated and boosted," DOJ released in a statement. "In accordance with CDC guidelines, the Attorney General will isolate at home for at least five days. He will work virtually during this period and will return to the office following a negative test for the virus. The department will conduct contact tracing in accordance with CDC protocols."

The news comes after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Principle Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also spent the past two weeks away from their jobs after coming down with the virus. They too were fully vaccinated and boosted when they tested positive and experienced mild symptoms. 


"Thanks to being fully vaccinated and boosted, I have only experienced mild symptoms. In alignment with White House COVID-19 protocols, I will work from home and plan to return to work in person at the conclusion of a five-day isolation period and a negative test," Jean-Pierre said about the diagnosis. 

After remarks at the White House last week, President Joe Biden received his fourth dose of the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine. 

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