Rioters Burned Her Minneapolis Business to the Ground, She's Received No Help

Posted: Sep 03, 2020 11:05 AM

For nearly 30 years, Flora Westbrook owned a salon in Minneapolis. In June, rioters took over the neighborhood and destroyed her livelihood by burning the business to the ground. Months later, she's still received no help from local officials. In fact, they've made things worse by sending her a $200,000 bill for building removal. 

"Here we are 100 days after your place was torched and how much help have you gotten from your local and state officials," Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy asked during an interview Thursday morning. 

"I haven't gotten anything, not a penny," Westbrook said. "They never showed up. I didn't see any police at all patrol my area." 

"The city now has torn down your building because they said essentially the building was severely damaged in the fire and the front wall was at risk of collapsing onto the sidewalk. Because of that danger that posed, the city had the wall knocked down to protect the public. So they knocked it down to protect the public and Flora they're sending you the bill, aren't they?" Doocy followed up. 

"That is correct," Westbrook said. "It's going to cost me, that bill is going to be over $200,000 just for tearing things down and putting up a fence there so it's going to lots of money that I can't afford, that I don't have."

Yesterday President Trump visited the aftermath of rioting and destruction in Kenosha, Wisconsin. During a roundtable with local law enforcement, he announced $43 million will be distributed in the community to help rebuild. 

Watch below: