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The FBI Just Released Its File on Charles Krauthammer

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released its file on the late Charles Krauthammer Tuesday afternoon. During the Carter administration it was requested the FBI do a background check on Krauthammer, who went on to work as Vice President Walter Mondale’s speech writer.

"Bureau has been requested to conduct investigation of Krauthammer, who is being considered for White House staff position. Born 3-13-50, New York, New York, and resides 10201 Grosvenor Place, Rockville, Maryland," the report states. 

The report shows Krauthammer easily passed the investigation. He traveled to a number of countries for vacation and study, had no traffic tickets and received glowing recommendations from peers the FBI interviewed. 

"Two additional persons were interviewed, and both persons commented favorably regarding Dr. Krauthammer's character, loyalty, and general standing. They highly recommend him for a position of trust and responsibility in Government service," former FBI Assistant Director Oliver Revell wrote in a letter to Associate Counsel to the President Patrick Apodaca. 

You can read the file below: 

Charles Krauthammer FBI background check by Katie Pavlich on Scribd


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