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Over the weekend the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees released a 235-page transcript of closed door testimony given last week by former FBI Director James Comey. Comey was subpoenaed for questioning about the 2016 presidential election, how Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation was initially launched, details on how the FBI handled the Clinton email scandal and more. 

During an exchange with Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy, Comey essentially said talk of "collusion" as a crime doesn't exist and that the media has made up the term

Mr. Gowdy: Some of our friends in the media use the word "collusion" from time to time. What is the crime of collusion?
Mr. Comey: What is the crime of collusion? I do not know. I've never heard the term "collusion" used in the way it's been used in our world over the last couple years before that. I don't know of a crime that involves collusion. I think in terms of conspiracy or aiding and abetting.

The media talking point since Hillary Clinton lost the presidency to Donald Trump on November 8, 2016 has been "collusion with the Russians." Of course, this narrative comes directly from Clinton herself, the Democrat National Committee and the bogus Russian dossier they purchased (from a foreign spy) to smear Trump and his campaign.

After nearly two years of a Special Counsel investigation, there has been no proof of "collusion" (whatever that actually means) and yet it's been repeated over and over again by the media.

Considering how heavily invested the Democrat media complex has become in their "collusion" fantasy, it is unlikely they'll be changing their language.

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