Op-Ed: The Democrat Field is Terrible, The Only Hope They Have is Hillary 2020

Posted: Oct 22, 2018 12:00 PM
Op-Ed: The Democrat Field is Terrible, The Only Hope They Have is Hillary 2020

Hillary is the best Democrats have against President Trump in 2020...that's according to New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin, who says the current field of likely candidates is full of light weights, including "Spartacus" Cory Booker, and has no chance to win the White House. 

"Let us run through the parade of likely applicants, starting in the Senate: Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand. Anybody stand out? While there is political talent, none strikes me as a heavyweight contender who could lead the party and go toe to toe with Trump," Goodwin wrote in a recent column. "Sanders is running on vapors, Booker is a lightweight who embarrassed himself with the Spartacus shtick and Gillibrand is a ­do-nothing hack. As for Warren, CNN, showing its usual tin ear, moved her to the top of the Dem field just before she imploded with her disastrous DNA test. Her silly repetition of the now-disproven claim that she has significant Native American ancestry opens her to endless ridicule and further diminishes her ­already narrow appeal."

"Others advertising their availability include Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick," he continued. "Same question: Does anybody in the group look like a champion in waiting? Not to me and, to judge from the lack of great enthusiasm, not to big funders or hot-shot consultants."

Goodwin further discussed the idea on Fox & Friends Monday morning.

According to Clinton's longtime aide Phillipe Reines, the twice failed presidential candidate's chances of running again in 2020 "are not zero." From POLITICO

“It’s curious why Hillary Clinton’s name isn’t in the mix—either conversationally or in formal polling—as a 2020 candidate,” said Philippe Reines, her longtime gatekeeper in the Senate and at the State Department. “She’s younger than Donald Trump by a year. She’s younger than Joe Biden by four years. Is it that she’s run before? This would be Bernie Sanders’ second time, and Biden’s third time. Is it lack of support? She had 65 million people vote for her.”

Even if half of those people would no longer support Clinton in another election, Reines argued, “there’s no one in the Democratic Party who has anywhere near a base of 32 million people. That’s multiples of what a Sanders or a Warren have.”

Does Reines plugging Clinton as a viable 2020 candidate mean that she’s running?

“It’s somewhere between highly unlikely and zero,” he said, “but it’s not zero.”

The White House doesn't seem to mind.

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