White Liberal Woman Doesn’t Understand Why African-American Men Would Be NRA, Tea Party Members

Posted: Jul 06, 2018 12:01 PM

Liberal feminist and author Kimberley Johnson is a contributor at the Huffington Post. One look at her Twitter feed and it becomes abundantly clear she is planted firmly on the far left of the political spectrum. She's a big fan of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and regularly calls President Trump a white supremacist.

This week, Johnson tweeted that she was "confused" after seeing an affluent African-American man driving a BMW with NRA and Tea Party bumper stickers. 

After backlash, Johnson deleted her tweets and offered this explanation.

Colion Noir, an NRA News host and NRA member, responded to Johnson Friday morning on Fox and Friends.

"It was pretty evident that she made an assumption about a black man in a BMW based on bumper stickers he had on his car," Noir said, inviting Johnson to come on his show for a discussion.  "It bothered me because it prejudged me as somebody who can't believe a certain thing simply due to my race."

I'll leave you with this: