Chris Matthews: Doesn't Donald Rumsfeld Look Like a Car Bomber?

Posted: Mar 28, 2014 11:00 AM
Chris Matthews: Doesn't Donald Rumsfeld Look Like a Car Bomber?

The Known Unknown is a documentary that premiered this week about two time Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. On his MSNBC show yesterday, Chris Matthews interviewed documentary maker and producer of the film Errol Morris. Matthews described Morris' work as "mystifying" before going on to describe Rumsfeld as looking like a car bomber.

"I found this long documentary mystifying," Matthews said. "Yet it is the Donald Rumsfeld I have always known, that fey, sort of eccentric, sort whimsical face of his, that I swear has the look of a car bomber because he has to smile about the most serious, horrible things."

Based on numerous reports, Rumsfeld went out of his way to help Morris with the film, but that didn't stop the director from slamming him and describing Rumsfeld as "clueless" in front of a live New York audience after the premiere on Tuesday.

After the screening, Morris took to the stage again to shed some light on what he believed was going on in Rumsfeld's mind.

“The theme that runs through everything is a strange kind of cluelessness. I don’t know how to describe it,” Morris said. “Several people have compared this movie to Orwell, where language can be used to obscure and obfuscate. But this is a new twist. It’s the use of language to obfuscate things from yourself.”

The film will be released to the public on April 4.

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