Video: "As Men, We Should Stand for Life"

Posted: Jul 19, 2013 11:30 AM
Young men are speaking out, not as bro-choicers (men who advocate for abortion so they can have more casual sex), but as advocates for life. Counter Cultured is out with a new video featuring a diverse group of men explaining why they are pro-life. Each one of their answers is different, but all come back to the theme that a child has the right to live and that the right to "choose" doesn't out-weigh the value of any human life, especially when it comes to the weakest and smallest among us.

Often, abortion advocates silence men from speaking out against abortion, arguing that they cannot have a say in an abortion, because it's not "their body." Recently, we have heard much talk about the #BroChoice movement, which sadly consists of men pushing for abortion.

Countering all of that, 28 young men from across America participated in our pro-life young men's video project, answering two questions: "Why are you pro-life?" and "Why should men be pro-life?" Clearly, these young men have an important message for America: men also matter when it comes to abortion, and that the unborn child in the womb is their child too. We hope this video inspires more young men to proudly speak out for life and tell the mainstream media and abortion advocates that they will be silenced no more.

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