Obama's Debt-End Bus Tour

Posted: Aug 15, 2011 12:50 PM

President Obama starts his three day bus tour today, focused on his re-election campaign "jobs" and the economy before he takes off for his nine day vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Obama will travel to Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. Conveniently, the unemployment rates in Minnesota and Iowa are below the national average of 9.1 percent.

Minnesota: 6.7 percent

Iowa: 6 percent

Illinois: 9.2 percent

The RNC is reminding voters where Obama's economic policies have taken us as his approval rating dips to a new low of 39 percent.

Meanwhile, Obama keeps asking corporations and business owners to create jobs, to make things in America, yet his Environmental Protection Agency continues to issue job and manufacturing killing regulations for political reasons.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday that it has finalized a pair of new regulations on power plants expected to produce massive economic damage and unemployment in coming years. The regulations aim to reduce pollution in down-wind states, and replace similar regulations created by George Bush’s EPA in 2005 and struck down by a federal court.

President Obama was quite clear on the campaign trail that under his cap and trade plan, “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” The EPA resumed the effort to regulate emissions after cap and trade died in the Senate, but evidence suggests that the effects on Americans’ electricity bills will be the same.

The EPA’s move to implement the Clean Air Transport Rule and the Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology, both of which will hit coal power plants hardest, comes less than a month after the release of a high-profile study showing the extent of the regulations’ damage to the energy sector – and, consequently, to the American economy generally, and the country’s employment situation.