White House Still Denying Knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious

Posted: Jun 17, 2011 2:42 PM

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, just like officials from the Obama Justice Department, is still refusing to comment on or accept responsibility for Operation Fast and Furious, despite evidence showing high ranking officials in DOJ knew about the operation.

From ABC's Jake Tapper:

TAPPER:  Does the administration or the president have any personal reaction to the investigative report from the House investigative committee upon the fast -- the ATF's "Fast and Furious" program and all the blowback from the operation?

CARNEY:  Well, I don't have anything specific like a quote from the president.  I can tell you that, as the president has already said, he did not know or -- about or authorize this operation.  But the Department of Justice has said repeatedly that fighting criminal activity along the Southwest Border, including the illegal trafficking of guns to Mexico, has been and is a priority of the department.

The attorney general has also made clear that he takes the allegations that have been made -- or raised, rather – very seriously, and that is why he has asked the inspector general to investigate the matter.  It is also why you see the department cooperating with the Oversight Committee.  So this investigation is ongoing and I really can't comment beyond that.


Although Eric Holder has ordered an internal investigation of the operation, the House Oversight Committee has launched an investigation of the Department of Justice and ATF, of which, Holder has refused to comply with. Despite Carney claiming Holder is cooperating with the Oversight Committe, the facts show differently.

-DOJ has given the Oversight Committee 800-pages of material so redacted that Rep. Issa described them as "wax paper instead of white paper" on Wednesday

-Eric Holder doesn't believe he has to comply with Congressional Subpoenas because he has launched an internal investigation of the operation, however, Issa is investigating the DOJ, not assisting the DOJ in an investigation of itself

-Emails show high ranking officials knew and were excited about the operation, ATF Director Kenneth Melson was watching straw purchasers buy guns through a live video feed from Arizona, in his fancy Washington D.C. office

-Emails show evidence there was a high ranking Justice Department officials about the operation

Obama Administration officials knew exactly what was going on, they're just in cover up mode.