Sessions Lays Down the Law: "You Don't Have a Constitutional Right to Come to America"

Posted: Jun 20, 2016 1:30 PM

While discussing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States on Sunday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said, “You don’t have a constitutional right to come to America."

Speaking to CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash, Sessions reaffirmed his support for Trump’s plan.

“Does this mean that Mr. Trump is now in favor of a ban on all immigration from certain countries?” Bash asked.

“He simply said… that we should slow down. Let’s have a pause and begin to analyze where the threats are coming from,” Sessions said.

“What does that mean? Are you going to look specifically at certain countries?” Bash pressed. “Are you going to look at certain religions? How would that actually work in practical terms?”

Sessions noted that most terrorists migrate from “Islamic countries,” and that those countries should be looked at first.

“You don’t have the Constitutional right to come to America. We respect your religion in this country. We will defend your right to free exercise of religion. But a person with an ideology that goes beyond normal religion — that believes you can kill gays, and kills people who change their view about the religion they have — that is a dangerous thing, and we do not have to admit people like that," Sessions concluded.