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Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Data obtained by Townhall from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reveals how the number of illegal immigrants who have been able to avoid apprehension has skyrocketed during the Biden administration.


The data, which shows the number of got-aways starting in January 2021, is brutal for the Biden administration, who has long claimed the U.S.-Mexico border is not open and they are working to secure it. In January 2021, CBP reported 9,531 got-aways nationwide. With each month of Joe Biden in office, the number kept climbing, up to 60,000-79,000 a month.

For fiscal year 2023, October 2022 started at 64,573 recorded got-aways. Despite the colder time of year, CBP reported 72,102 illegal immigrants avoiding arrest by law enforcement in December. 

The reason for some many got-aways is due to Border Patrol agents being bogged down with groups of hundreds of illegal immigrants who want to turn themselves in, so they could be processed and released. This is a tactic used by Mexican cartels so they can have an easier time smuggling in people who do not want to caught since law enforcement is tied up with large groups of people.

Got-aways are tracked using technology, such as sensors and cameras, and agents tracking them out in the field. 

Obtained by Townhall

It is not just the country's southern border that has seen an increase in people illegally crossing. Both the U.S.-Canada border and costal borders in Florida and Puerto Rico continue to see increase in encounters.


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