Tacoma Business Owner Reacts to His Store and American Flag Being Damaged By Antifa Marchers

Posted: Jan 26, 2021 10:20 AM

TACOMA, Wash. — Cleanup was underway in Tacoma's theatre district the night after Antifa marchers went on a small rampage in response to a city police officer driving through a crowd of people who had surrounded the SUV while the officer was trying to respond to a drag racing incident.

One of the stores damaged was Robblees Total Security, a business that has served the community for more than 103 years.

Jim Patterson, the current owner, told Townhall the rioters broke one of his windows and stole the American flag that was hanging in the window. The mob then burned the flag in order to taunt the Tacoma police officers. In addition to the window breaking, another rioter smashed one of the building's security cameras.

"Nobody was hurt. It's just unfortunate...a few people decided to want to wreak havoc," Patterson said.

"It's great there's insurance, but owners have deductibles. So, you know, I'm out probably at least $1,000 for this out of pocket. In times of COVID, that's tough. Business is going well, but nobody wants to pay for a deductible," he added.

Patterson noted the Tacoma had BLM protests last year were peaceful, but this was the first time he saw any damage being done to people and property that had nothing to do with what they were protesting.

To add insult to injury, Patterson said the American flag that was stolen and burned was no ordinary flag. It was given to his grandmother when his grandfather, a veteran, had passed away.

Down the street, county workers were sweeping away broken glass off of the sidewalk after rioters destroyed at least five windows on Sunday night.

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