Joy Behar: 'It Would Have Been the End of This Country' If Trump Won the Election

Posted: Nov 09, 2020 2:15 PM

"The View" host Joy Behar was overjoyed during Monday's episode after news outlets called the 2020 presidential election for Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden. Behar said the United States would not have survived if Trump was reelected.

Fellow host Whoopi Goldberg asked Behar if she sang and danced after the race was called Saturday morning.

"I did have a — we had champagne and we all had a great time with some friends in a safe environment, but, you know, a couple of things. Number one, if we were going to cheat or if there was going to be any kind of fraud, why not do it in the Senate also? Why just the presidency? Might as well take the whole enchilada, so they’re completely illogical right there," Behar asserted.

"Second thing, I would like to congratulate you, Whoopi, having spent four years and never mentioning his name once. I think you should get an Emmy for the best nonspoken word. OK? That’s another thing. Or a Grammy rather. Actually, it’s a Grammy. I feel like, you know, this morning I said to Steve, what is it that Superman always said? Truth, justice, and the American way is back. It’s back," she continued.

"Today, everybody should be happy because just picture in your mind what it could have been if he had won. It would have been the end of this country. It would have been the end of democracy. And I am not exaggerating. I am not exaggerating. I believe in truth. He started out lying and he would just continue for another four years. We would never get out of this COVID disaster that we’re in. We would never have scientists if he were here. So please, everybody, take a breath and say thank you, America, for — for saving our country," Behar said.