Man Sucker Punched, Media Members Chased Out of BLM Plaza By Agitators During RNC

Posted: Aug 28, 2020 11:45 AM

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Protests outside the White House during the last day of the Republican National Convention, which saw President Trump formally accept the nomination, were chaotic as people were accosted and attacked by agitators.

One white man was walking through the area of Black Lives Matter Plaza where a crowd quickly surrounded him. He was hit in the head, resulting in a little bleeding. He said he was trying to see the fireworks show, but people in the crowd accused him of attacking a black woman.

When the man got close to St. John's Church, someone sucker punched him in the head, making him fall down hard on the ground. Some people helped him up and escorted him away, but others continued to heckle and throw water on him.

Agitators in Black Lives Matter Plaza also targeted members of the press as they often chased out people with large cameras. They had been saying they did not want any photos or videos of people in the public space.

The night also saw fights between D.C. police officers and rioters. A formation of bike officers was attacked by a crowd, with rioters kicking and fighting for control of the bikes.