Unhinged Sacramento State Student Caught on Camera Attacking Conservative

Posted: Dec 10, 2019 11:55 AM

A Sacramento State student was filmed attacking another student after a verbal spat between the two that started over social media.

Floyd Johnson II, who served as the college's College Republicans president, told The Sacramento Bee Keaton Hill attacked him after confronting him about things he wrote on Facebook. Hill wrote, "I hope that kid on your page dies of whatever cancer they have," on a mutual friend’s pro-life Facebook post.

Johnson said he and Hill have a European politics class together on Friday mornings, where Hill told Johnson, "F**k you." Johnson and a friend, Henry Seufert, confronted Hill and filmed the interaction.

In the video, Hill can be seen hitting Johnson repeatedly. Hill was able to slap Johnson's phone out of his hand during the multiple hits. 

"Motherf**ker...You're going to end up f**king dead!" Hill shouted as Seufert restrained him.

"I didn’t choose to fight back because I’m 6-foot-5 and he’s 5-foot-6 or 5-foot-7 or something. It really would have been unfair,” Johnson told the Bee. "And anyway, the way he was hitting me was open-handed. If he was connecting and actually hurting me, then I would have engaged with him, but in that moment I was more focused on videoing the incident and recording what was going on.”

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"I apologize for lunging at Floyd’s phone," Hill told The State Hornet. "Although I strongly emphasize that it was not without provocation."

Police are investigating the attack but charges have not been filed.