Election 2010: Reid's Rivals

Posted: Dec 10, 2009 6:00 AM
Several days ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid found himself once again in hot water when he compared Republicans who oppose health care to those who supported slavery. Instead of backing away from such controversial comments, Reid held firm to them, according to the Hill newspaper. Unfortunately, for Reid, it may be much harder for him to hold onto his Senate seat next November.

Reid, one of the leading advocates of liberal health care reform, will likely be facing a tough re-election battle in less than a year. A recent poll showed Reid with a favorable rating of less than forty percent. With such low numbers, it is no wonder that there are numerous Republicans running for the chance to defeat the Senator who recently personally attacked a columnist who disagreed with him on health care.

One of the high-profile candidates running for the Republican nomination in Nevada is Sue Lowden. Yesterday morning, I attended a meeting with Ms. Lowden where she spoke about her campaign to unseat Reid. Ms. Lowden, a former State Senator, noted that she has a record running against Majority Leaders. According to the biography on her website, "In 1992, Lowden ran for the Nevada State Senate in her heavily Democratic-controlled district. She won that campaign by defeating Jack Vergiels, who then served as the Nevada Senate Majority Leader."

At the meeting, Lowden presented herself as a solid candidate ready and willing to take on Harry Reid and his supporters in the state. She also spoke about her strong business background that she hopes to bring to the general election campaign if she becomes the Republican nominee who faces off against the sitting Majority Leader. At the meeting, Lowden also made headlines when she called health care Reid's "Waterloo".

Lowden is running against several Republican opponents in the GOP primary including Danny Tarkanian. Like Lowden, Tarkanian is currently running extremely well against Harry Reid in potential matchups so Republicans in the state of Nevada will have a solid choice in deciding who they will support against Mr. Reid. Both candidates have great potential so Nevada Republicans should watch the campaign closely in the next few months to determine who would best represent their views against the Senator who has so openly made disgusting comments about his opposition.

To learn more about Sue Lowden, click here for her piece on the Big Government website about the conservative principles she is planning to run on. To read more about Danny Tarkanian, click here to check out his August piece on Reid's health care town halls for Townhall.com.   

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