A Tribute to Milton Friedman

Posted: Jul 31, 2008 9:49 AM

Today I want to take a moment and honor one of the world’s most preeminent advocate for free markets and personal liberty, Milton Friedman.  Friedman helped shape the fiscal policy across the world, and Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher looked to him for advice.

Milton Friedman did not invent free markets, but he proved that laissez-faire policies must be at the foundation of any free society.  Friedman was a statistician, economist, and public servant who advanced the idea of freedom based on minimizing government involvement to achieve economic, social, and political freedom. 

According to the Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman, Alan Greenspan, "There are very few people over the generations who have ideas that are sufficiently original to materially alter the direction of civilization. Milton is one of those very few people."

I cannot agree more.  Milton Friedman’s worked influenced many, including this Conservative.