The Brand of Fiscal Restraint

Posted: Jan 25, 2008 11:30 AM

This weekend, House Republicans are meeting for the annual members retreat. One of the major topics of discussion will be how to reclaim the reputation for fiscal responsibility.

The way I see it, House Republicans have two strong courses of action.

First, House Republicans should take the offensive and declare a moratorium on earmarks.  There would be some resistance from some Republicans Members of Congress who habitually request earmarks, but the this party is supposed to be that of fiscal restraint…the way the earmark system operates now is far from fiscally responsible.

Second, House Republican Leaders will have the opportunity to name an anti-earmark advocate to the vacancy on the House Appropriations Committee.  This would send a clear signal to the American people that Republicans are dedicated to fiscal responsibility.  Jeff Flake has made it known that he wants the spot, and has been a consistent and vocal opponent of the earmarking process.

I support both an earmark moratorium and Jeff Flake for the Appropriations seat.  However, what course of action to be taken is still in question.  The opportunity to take a stand has come and, if Republicans are truly dedicated to regaining their principles, this weekend will truly be one for the books.