A Housing Slush Fund?

Posted: Sep 18, 2007 6:26 PM

We just finished debate and voted on HR 1852, the Expanding American Ownership Act of 2007.  Ordinarily this would not raise any eyebrows, in fact a similar bill passed 415-7 during the 109th Congress.  However as I blogged on August 1st (scroll down to that date to see the full blog) the divisive difference involved today is the creation of a proposed new entitlement program,  which has commonly been referred to as The National Affordable Housing "Slush" Fund.  The final bill passed by a vote of 348-72.  There were several good aspects of this bill which can help with the current housing crisis, but in the end, I was among the 72 who voted against it for the reasons I listed in the August 1st posting.