Best Drama Ever: Laptop, Concert Tickets Stolen Out of Rep. Conyer's Vehicle

Posted: Nov 30, 2010 3:58 PM
Remember Creepy McCreepers, aka Rep. John Conyers, (D-Mich.)? He was caught last week reading a copy of Playboy in an aisle seat during a commercial flight.... specifically perusing an article titled "The Pussy."

Now, a laptop computer has been stolen out of Conyers' car, which was being used by his son at the time. There's no word on who's laptop it was, or why Conyers' son was driving, but it could be a big deal, says FOX:
The son of Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., says items were stolen out of the government vehicle he was driving last Wednesday in downtown Detroit, FOX 2's Simon Shaykhet reports.

John Conyers III, 20, told police two Apple MacBooks, valued at $1,100 apiece, and more than $27,000 worth of concert tickets to the Fillmore were stolen out of a burgundy 2010 Cadillac Escalade registered to the 14th Congressional District.

...According to the U.S. General Services Administration Web site, if an employee allows an unauthorized person to use a government vehicle, that employee could be suspended or fired.
Hmm... could this incident get Conyers fired? That would be cool. Much cooler, though, is the possibility of finding juicy pictures on Conyers' computer. I hope the leaked pictures involve felines in various contortions...