A Letter From Obama's Campaign Manager: Fight Republican Racism

Posted: Sep 19, 2010 10:19 AM
Look at the rhetoric they're using to stir up donations for the Democratic Party:
From:  Arshad Hasan
Date:  Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 10:16 AM
SubjectRacists make good TV

Supporter -

Have you watched cable news lately? The Tea Baggers are everywhere!

The Tea Party is news because they've won a few upset primaries -- but let's be honest -- that's not the only reason they're getting wall-to-wall coverage.  Honestly, that weirdly racist tinge makes for good TV. Bizarre, wide-eyed accusations of the President and hilariously misspelled signs demanding an English-only country will drive up news ratings. I don't mind, though. People should know about these extremists.
Obama thinks its acceptable to characterize the entirety of the tea party as racist — and that highlighting a few misspelled signs is a legitimate campaign strategy. Limiting government and lowering taxes isn't a legitimate cause in his book.
But the best-kept secret of 2010 is that progressives have won primaries up and down the ballot all across the country -- way more than Tea Party. That's right -- Progressive challengers have beat out fabled "Mama Grizzlies" in state after state.

Just this week, progressive champion Ann McLane Kuster won a landslide victory in New Hampshire. Earlier this year, progressives won big upset victories in Pennsylvania with Joe Sestak, in North Carolina with Elaine Marshall and in Kentucky with Jack Conway -- and that's just in U.S. Senate races.

But DFA doesn't just support Senate candidates. We support progressives up and down the ballot in all 50 states. In fact, 67 percent of all DFA-endorsed candidates won their primaries this year.
Let's take a look at these races he cites. In New Hampshire, Kuster is getting steamrolled by Charlie Bass in polling of the 1st Congressional District. Why? Because the seat they're running for was previously held by Rep. Paul Hodes, who is now running for Senate. Hodes jetted from his House seat because he is an earmarks monkey who voted for stimulus, cap-and-trade, and everything else that rubs against the independent streak in New Hampshire voters. But a switch in nominee couldn't save the Democratic Party here. Kuster is way behind Bass in most polls.

What about Toomey-Sestak? Sen. Arlen Specter lost his primary there because Pennsylvanians don't like incumbent Democrats right now. But if Sestak is a "big victory," the polls aren't showing it; Toomey is ahead by almost double-digits in most polls. How about Elaine Marshall and Jack Conway? Incumbent GOP Sen. Richard Burr is whopping Marshall pretty soundly as of yet, and there's never been a real threat to his re-election. Rand Paul, one of those tea bagger racists that Hasan is talking about, has pulled ahead of Conway so far that the race is all but in the bag.

In honor of the, uh, creativity Hasan's email, I'd encourage all of you to do the following: go to Sen. Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund donation page, and write a hefty check to the cause of "extremist Mama Grizzlies" everywhere.