Obama Tries To Make Himself Relevant

Posted: Aug 18, 2010 9:03 AM
Obama thinks the Democrats will keep both houses in Congress this November:
"The president thinks that this election is a choice between the policies that move our country forward or the policies that got us to the crisis that we're in right now," White House deputy spokesman Bill Burton said.
That's an interesting statement, given the track record of mid-terms proving to be devastating for the party in power, and this year's particularly anti-Democratic, anti-incumbant mood. Perhaps he made it because Obama wanted to portray his current campaign stops as actually beneficial to the Democratic politicians he is lobbying for, even though the stops are probably more of a liability than anything else. Nothing like a little false hope to justify your whirlwind, taxpayer-funded campaign adventure.

Obama is in Ohio today after dropping in on Washington State, Wisconsin and California. Tomorrow, he heads to my home state of Florida to lobby for the beleaguered state Democrats who are running there.