How Did "Peace" Activists Even Earn That Title?

Posted: Jun 01, 2010 8:08 AM
It's clear who is the favorite child of international opinion when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the latest incident that was provoked by violent activists. The United Nations Security Council today condemned Israel's handling of the flotilla incident, without even mentioning the despicable acts of the 700 activists on board who are the original perpetrators of the violence. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Israel's actions “despicable" and "reckless.” In France, demonstrators turned violent on the Israeli embassy.

Ralph Peters at the New York Post gets it right:

Purely by coincidence, dozens of "peace activists" waited with sharpened iron bars, clubs, slingshots -- and rifles. Of course, the nine dead in the melee were all Israel's victims.

The first wave of Israeli commandos reportedly were armed only with paintball rounds for crowd control. Inspect those videos of maddened peaceniks assaulting the soldiers as they landed on deck. You don't see any Israelis pointing rifles -- they're fending off blows.

But the claims of pro-terrorist "peace advocates" are given instant credence.