Greece Wants To Sue U.S. Companies For Financial Unrest

Posted: May 17, 2010 8:16 AM
Prime Minister George Papandreou said he wouldn't rule out legal action against U.S. financial institutions for their role in contributing to Greece's financial troubles. There are similar investigations going on around the world, said Papandreou, and Greece would be remiss not to consider legal investigation of their own.

Without a doubt, U.S. financial institutions bear responsibility for financial turmoil. But there is no way international law extends as far as the Hellenic Republic. And even if it did, the U.S. has just forked over $40 billion to contribute to Greece's IMF bailout. Without the U.S., it's more than likely Greece would become a banana republic.

That wouldn't be a big problem in the eyes of many conservatives, but unfortunately, we don't control Congress or the White House right now. So Greek's pretentious Prime Minister is allowed to run his mouth, bashing the U.S. for their supposed indiscretions against this self-imploding country. From Bloomberg:
...Papandreou said many in the international community have engaged in “Greek bashing” and find it easy “to scapegoat Greece.” He said Greeks “are a hard-working people. We are a proud people.”
Time to put your pride on the shelf, buddy.